Manchester, Connecticut

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Manchester Youth Service Bureau
63 Linden Street
Manchester, CT 06040


Phone:  860-647-5213     Fax: 860-647-5253

Administrative office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Monday - Friday

We are a town agency devoted to providing a variety of programs and services to Manchester youth. Our programs are not only fun, but provide opportunities for personal growth. Take a look at our Programs at a Glance. We run a variety of teen activities throughout the year. We can also refer youth to other resources for additional support when necessary.

Staff Information

Sharon Kozey - Director
Phone:  860-647-5213;  Email:

Catrina Belton - Administrative Secretary
Phone: 860-647-5213; Email:

Pierre Brillant - Youth Service Coordinator
Phone:  860-647-5223;  Email:

Sheridan Douglass - Project Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-647-5216;   Email:​

Ivie Efianayi - Youth Worker
Phone:  860-647-5260; Email:

Caitlin McNamara - Early Childhood Specialist
Phone:  860-647-5269; Email:

Beth Mix - Youth Service Coordinator
Phone:  860-643-3326; Email:

Terri Olson - Youth Worker
Phone: 860-647-5260; Email:

Karen Rowell - Early Childhood Program Facilitator
Phone: 860-647-5213; Email: Karen Rowell

Kellie Sheridan - Youth Service Coordinator
Phone: 860-647-5262; Email:

Christian Walker - Youth Worker
Phone:  860-647-5260; Email:

Deedra Willingham - Youth Peer Advocate
Phone: 860-647-5271; Email:

Heather Wlochowski - Youth Service Coordinator
Phone:  860-647-5215;  Email:

Pete Wlochowski -  Program Coordinator
Phone: 860-647-5213;  Email: