Manchester, Connecticut

Open-air and Craftsmanship Programs


Our philosophy is “challenge by choice”.

Studies reveal that outdoor youth and craftsmanship programs of at least 1 week or more (using an inclusionary model), allow for significant growth in leadership, self-reliance, social interactions, communication, self-esteem, and a greater understanding and respect for persons different than themselves[1].  In addition to those positive findings, the youth programs listed below foster a sense of responsibility, comradery, and skill achievement. 
Registration is required for all programs.  Please call the Youth Service Bureau at (860) 647-5213 with questions regarding programs, or to register.  You may also register for additional youth programs online.

Online Registration 

This program is designed for Manchester youth age 9-14, separated into age-specific groups.  Journey is a service learning program with an emphasis on environmental education, leadership, and woodworking training. Projects focus on giving back to the community while building relationships and learning important life skills.  Participants will write and illustrate elements of a story created during the group. (Pete Wlochowski ) 

Urban Expedition
This program is designed for Manchester youth age 11-14.  Enjoy a week of exploring Manchester and other local sights.  Youth will be exposed to a range of positive activities, community events and other cultural and recreational happenings in a group setting. (Heather Wlochowski)
Ropes Course Program  
This program is designed for Manchester students completing grades 5-7.  Each day will include fun active games, and challenges.  Participants may climb anywhere from 2 – 40 feet in the air, depending on their choice of challenge level.  Games and activities promote teamwork, cooperation, problem-solving skills, and building trust among team mates. All instructors are certified Ropes Course Facilitators.  See the Manchester Challenge Course for more information.