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Support and Intervention Programs

Support and Intervention Programs

Support and intervention programs create positive impacts in youth’s lives, and encourages them to build connections to the community, develop meaningful relationships with caring adults, support academic achievement, and helps prevent juvenile delinquency.  Studies show that teens grow intellectually, personally, and emotionally from supportive environments and positive re-enforcement, allowing them to grow in self-confidence, self-awareness, become better planners, organizers and problem-solvers, with improved behaviors, attitudes, and relationships. 
The Manchester Youth Service Bureau offers a variety of gender and age specific support and intervention programs for youth age 9-18 years old.The programs listed below are run by Youth Service Coordinators Pierre Brillant, Beth Mix, and Heather Wlochowski.

Registration is required for all programs.  Please call the Youth Service Bureau at (860) 647-5213 with questions regarding programs, or to register.  You may also email questions regarding programs or registration directly to the youth service coordinators by clicking on corresponding coordinator's name below.  You may also register for additional youth programs online.


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Girls Circle
This program is designed for young women age 10-16.  Girls Circle is an evidence-based program for girls (separated into age specific groups), that explores what it means to be a girl, and navigate growing up as a young woman in today’s society.  The program allows for the exchange of ideas and discussion about their experiences and hopes for the future through creative, fun, and interactive activities.  By design it fosters confidence, self-esteem, and assists girls in creating authentic connections with peers and adult women in their community.
(Heather Wlochowski)

Mother-Daughter Circle:
This program is designed for young women age 11-16, their moms and guardians.  Mother-Daughter Circle is an evidence-based support program that promotes healthy, sustaining bonds between mothers, guardians and daughters during the transitional years from girlhood to young womanhood.  This program provides a safe, consistent, and strength-based approach to supporting daughters and their caregivers on their relationship journey.  (Heather Wlochowski)

Boyz to Men
This program is designed for young men age 14-18.  An enrichment program designed to provide support to young men who can benefit from the guidance, friendship, and life experiences of adult male mentors in a group setting. Youth will be exposed to a variety of positive activities such as college tours, community events, and other cultural and recreational happenings.  Boyz to Men meets twice per month for a period of 8 weeks, every other Tuesday.  (Pierre Brillant)
Boys Council
This program is designed for young men age 12-14.  An evidence-based “rite of passage” program for boys, separated into age-specific groups. This group offers a unique gender-specific approach to helping boys navigate growing up as a male in today’s society.  Boys are provided with a safe place to engage in “guy talk”, discuss their experiences, express their ideas, and share their true selves.  Boys council meets for 10 weeks or more, depending on the capacity of the setting.  (Pierre Brillant)
Reaching for the Stars
This program is designed for young men age 14-18.  Youth participating in this program will train with Pierre Brillant, Youth Service Coordinator and former professional football player, Kyle Bell, Youth Service Coordinator and Certified Personal Trainer, and the Manchester Police Department.  Reaching for the Stars is a program for young student athletes who desire to become more athletic.  Throughout the program youth will learn various exercises to maximize their performance, including weight lifting with proper form; how to manage time between academic studies, athletic training, and personal life; leadership skills and the importance of being a team player; and how to fuel their bodies for optimum performance.  This 2-week program will meet for 3 hours per day, 5 days a week.  (Pierre Brillant)
This program is designed for youth age 7-15.  Every Sibshop meeting starts with dinner, and always includes a lot of fun, goofy games, and opportunity for heartfelt conversations between kids who share the special challenges and pleasures of having a sibling with special needs.  Sibshop meets monthly at the Youth Service Bureau, on the second Friday of month.  (Beth Mix)
Referrals for this program come directly from the Police Department.  This program is designed to prevent first-time juveniles offenders who have been cited by the police for a variety of mainly minor criminal offences including larceny, breach of peace, trespassing, simple assault and low-level substance abuse violations from being referred to Juvenile Court and from further police involvement.  Together with a program coordinator, the youth and his/her family will create and implement a plan designed to make restitution to the community, improve the youth’s social and life skills, and address other needs of the family.  (Beth Mix)
Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Program (Firehawk)
Referrals for this program come directly from the Police Department or other appropriate agency.  This program is designed to provide meaningful interventions to children with fire setting behaviors and their families, and to reduce and eliminate destructive behavior through the interagency collaboration of the Manchester Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Team.  Intervention includes identification of behaviors, screening, referrals, education, treatment and follow-up.  This program is made possible by collaboration of the Youth Service Bureau, the Manchester Police Department, local clinician Carolyn Frye, Town of Manchester Fire Rescue & EMS, 8th Utilities Fire Department, and the Community Child Guidance Clinic of Manchester.  (Beth Mix